These units are now critical equipment themselves.

Energy savings way above minimum guaranteed savings (16%).

Total savings of $ 199 548/year. Limited maintenance is required.

12.48% annual savings.  16 months payback.

Savings of $ 50 000 / year.  Although we were initially sceptical, we are now fully confident.

Plant’s main disconnect isn’t noisy anymore.

Although it was a regular issue before, there was not a single motor failure in 4 years since ElectroFlow  installation.

Obvious reduction of electrical breakdown within the plant.

Diminution of motor, ballast, fluorescents and battery chargers repairs.

Since its installation, no more issues with cash register, vacuum machine, scale and 500$ monthly savings.

SCR lifetime drastically increased.

Our production efficiency improved significantly / We didn’t loose any production since its installation.

The system is very easy to install and virtually maintenance free and as proved itself over the 3-year period.

Motor temperature and noises significantly reduced.

Significantly reduced core temperatures of electrical equipment including transformers and motors (eg.  Press transformer core dropped from 80 deg C to 50 deg C). This extends equipment life.

No problem during a thunderstorm while our immediate neighbours faced many damages.


The average voltage regulation is improved from 0.62% to 0.09%  (85% less fluctuations).

More consistent, stabilized voltage / Voltage stability has increased significantly.

Located at the end of Utility's line, voltage fluctuations were frequent.  ElectroFlow solve this problem.

Drastic reduction of welding rejects / Improved welding.  No more adjustments required on peak hours.

Fryer doesn’t stop anymore.

Despite a 85 load factor, motors are running at room temperature.

Improved production efficiency and elimination of tore off paper.

Since we installed ElectroFlow, no interruption were noticed on our precision machines, our computer operate perfectly.

There have not been any reports of Power sags, surges or brownouts.

Ballasts do not burn anymore.

Elimination of production stops linked to voltage drop (10 a year).

Before, we had never seen the generator with stable and balanced voltage.

The service company in charge of all refrigeration units went on site to verify why motor temperature dropped.

Customer had to stop its operation while the utility was turning its capacitor bank on.  Following ElectroFlow  installation, surges were eliminated and our 500HP motor does not stop anymore.



On June 8 1994, we lost a phase on Utility's side.  ElectroFlow  reconstituted this phase, enhancing our plant to continue running without damage.  Initially, we didn’t believe in this feature but we may now confirm that ElectroFlow does it.

Drastic reduction of operating temperatures with our larger motors (150HP compressor now 46oC instead of 75oC).

Now, less than 0.5 V difference between phases.


A lightning strike close to the plant caused a severe transient, which was largely absorbed by ElectroFlow  units.  Components of two of these units were damaged.  This was a victory – more severe issues with press equipment were surely avoided.

Utility company experimented a high voltage issue and had to reimburse for many damages in the area.  Here, PF dropped temporarily to 75% but no damage noticed on any equipment.

There have not been any report of Power sags, surges or brownout since ElectroFlow  installation.

The Power surges protection stops the plc controls in the plant from failing.

Production doesn’t stop anymore when there is Thunderstorms / No more damage due to thunderstorms.

No damage in the hospital when the High Voltage potent blew-off.


Significant reduction of harmonic distortion.  Harmonic distortion is caused mostly by DC variable-speed drives (eg. the main press drives) and can in turn have complex harmful effects on AC and servo drives (such as in newer roll stands, in feeds, chills, folders, oxidizers, stackers).

Because of the Variable Frequency Drives in place, harmonics were above 9%.  Consequently, the main switch incoming was so hot that we couldn’t touch it and production was continuously stopping. Upgrading the main incoming to 600A didn't resolve this overheating situation.  All these phenomena disappear.  The main switch and  ElectroFlow  units are both running at room temperature.


Elimination of problems due to harmonic distortion generated by our 500HP drive.


I was quite sceptical about such a system that operates differently when it comes to Power factor correction, but the proof. .92 to .95 without usual side effects.

The ElectroFlow  system performed even better than forecasted, keeping the power factor between 0.95 and 0.99 consistently.

Our Power factor increased form 70% to almost 100%.

Power Factor increased to 94.7% (Compared to 92.8% with plain capacitor bank) but kWh dropped by 7.8%.

Capacitor bank vs. ElectroFlow  system:  For future power factor improvement project, we STRONGLY recommend to use ElectroFlow .

Our Capacitor bank was an issue and required lot of maintenance.  We continuously had to replace capacitors, contactors and fuses .

Regarding maintenance, ElectroFlow  is maintenance free while we constantly had to replace fuses on our capacitor bank, which was causing Power factor penalty. 

In 1996, the company bought capacitors instead of ElectroFlow.  5 years later, capacitor bank was obsolete and needed major repairs. ElectroFlow  was then installed and no maintenance was required since.

With 50 kVAR less than our capacitor bank, ElectroFlow reduced kW demand by 36 kW and improved power factor to 93% (instead of 90%).


NEXELflow units have freed up capacity on our MCC's and main switchgear (15%).

Recovered substation transformer capacity meant no expansion was needed when additional loads were installed (E Press expansion, plant air conditioning).  Capital costs of at least $100,000 were avoided.

Avoidance of a $400 000 capital investment by implementing ElectroFlow  system.

Our electrical distribution was fully loaded.  ElectroFlow  allowed us to expand or freezing capacity (130 kW of load).

Because of ElectroFlow, we could add 140 kW of load.