ElectroFlow Premium : Power Conditioning

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  is an integrated power conditioning system, which applies to industrial and institutional facilities. It provides energy savings (kW, kWh and kVA):

  • Specifically designed for each application
  • increases longevity of equipment
  • reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Payback from 1 to 3 years

By improving power quality, ElectroFlow PREMIUM  enhances energy savings in kW, kWh and kVA.  (2% to 25% of electrical billing, upon rates and electrical conditions)


Technical description

Technically, it consists of multi-stage LRC tank circuits:

  • For three-phase applications. 
  • From 208V to 345 kV, 50 or 60Hz.
  • Hybrid Configuration (Main and submains)
  • Installed in parallel
  • Equipped with a microprocessor based Regulator  which monitors Voltage (V), current (I), power factor (PF) and harmonics (Hr), 3840-15360 samples per second.

Basic system

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  system eliminates common issues linked to power quality;

  1. Voltage Fluctuations
  2. Phase Imbalance
  3. Surges (up to 300,000 V)
  4. Harrmonics (!EEE 519 Standard)
  5. Power factor (over 94%)
  6. KVA capacity

70% to 90% of electrical problems are generated inside the plant and utility can't provide any protection against these.

1- Voltage fluctuation

      Under Voltage, over voltage and voltage fluctuations have the following adverse effects:

  • Overheating of motors, insulation breakdown, bearings failures.
  • Speed variation in motors and rotating equipment, reduced efficiency.
  • Increased noise and vibration.
  • Reduced production quality and efficiency.
  • Wasted energy KW, KWH.

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  offers Real time voltage improvement and stability,

2- Phase Imbalance

      Imbalanced currents have the following adverse effects:

  • Negative Voltage Sequence.
  • Circulating currents.
  • Reduced motor efficiency.
  • Overheating of equipment, disconnects, transformers.
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Wasted energy, kW and kWH.

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  offers Real time phase balancing, based on X/R,

3- Surges

      Surges and transients occur at anytime and:

  • Cause nuisance tripping of adjustable-speed drives.
  • Increase downtime and maintenance
  • Cause computers to stop execution of programs, create or erase data
  • Resulting in hardware damage.
  • Cause damage to insulation in transformers and motors.
  • Reduce lifetime of equipment

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  offers infinite response to Surges and Transients,

4) Broadband Harmonics

      Harmonics are generated by non linear loads and cause:

  • Overheating of transformers (K-Factor), and rotating equipment.
  • Distorted voltage and current waveforms.
  • Failed capacitor banks.
  • Breaker and fuse tripping.
  • Unreliable operation of electronic equipment, and generators.
  • Wasted capacity - Inefficient distribution of power.
  • Neutral overloading / unacceptable neutral-to-ground voltages.
  • Wasted energy - Hysteresis losses, kW & kWH.
  • Increased maintenance of equipment and machinery.

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  offers broadband harmonics filtering,

5- Power Factor

      Low P.F. causes the following:

  • Possible power factor penalties.
  • Increased line losses - I2R.
  • Increased maximum demand (KVA)
  • Wasted distribution / transformer capacity (KVA).
  • Wasted investment and operation capital.
  • Wasted energy – kVA, kW & kWH.

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  offers Power factor above 94%

      Capacitor banks (PFCC) happen to be more and more problematic:

  • Over-voltage, unregulated supply.
  • Susceptibility to surges and transients (reduced Z).
  • Harmonics magnification.
  • Resonance and overheating,
  • "Ringing" effect during capacitor charging, oscillation.
  • Capacitor cell failure.
  • Increased torque and kW, based on percent loading.

ElectroFlow PREMIUM improves Power factor, with no capacitors adverse side-effects.


6- kVA capacity

  • Avoiding unnecessary capital expenditure for such wasted KVA capacity
  • Sufficient capacity released to realize some important load additions

ElectroFlow PREMIUM  offers balanced-capacity release in KVA.